I do both long-term and short-term therapy, depending upon the person and presenting concern. My work has a spiritual core to it as I believe difficulties in life provide opportunities for personal growth and renewal. In addition to having expertise in Mood Disorders (Depression and Bipolar Disorder) and Anxiety Disorders. I have a number of additional specialty areas in my practice:

Life Transitions / Life Intrusive Events

Some life experiences, such as divorce or the death of a loved one, strongly challenge one’s sense of self and identity. I focus on helping the person not only weather the event, but grow stronger from the experience.

Spiritual & Existential Issues

This involves working with individuals who are questioning the direction of their life or who desire to live their life more fully.   The goal here is to achieve clarity, empowerment, and action towards a more creative and fulfilled life.



​Illness & Disability

Therapy may involve helping a client forge a new relationship to their body, significant others, daily life, and even their identity; or it may take the form of providing guidance and support for achieving optimum wellness.

GLBTQ Issues
This includes GLBTQ-sensitive counseling for individuals and couples, “coming out” issues, exploration of gender identity, and conducting psychological evaluations required for medical procedures.

Presenting concerns might encompass treatment of PTSD, transitioning to the civilian sector, or simply working with someone who understands military culture.

Professional Supervision
I offer supervision to both pre- and post- licensed mental health professionals.

Forensic Work
My practice focuses primarily on social security, personal injury, medical malpractice, and employment law. My work addresses not only the psychological issues involved in the case, but also how these elements would affect a person’s ability to function in a work-related setting.

Dissertation & Theses
I can help you identify and address the psychological issues holding you back from completing your work, offer constructive ways to deal with procrastination, and provide needed support during the creative process.

Vocational & Career Issues
Presenting concerns may include career exploration, workplace stress, midlife career transition, and retirement.

Dr. Diana Sharpe, Psy.D.